An Open Letter to Anyone Who Is Struggling – Keep Your Hope

Hi friend,

How are you?

I am doing really well, but I haven’t talked about it much because I know that so many people are struggling immensely and I never want to overshadow their experience. However, I wanted to give a little happy update in an effort to give others a source of hope.

My Chronic Illness Journey


Pre-med honors student; varsity athlete; living the life I had dreamed of.


Bedridden with intractable migraine; dropped out of college; 3 hospital stay; 9 days in the ICU; 7 trips to Mayo Clinic; dozens of drugs, treatments, and therapies failed; cant walk around the block; confined to a dark room; looking at applying for disability income.


Started on CGRP mAb drug; 40% functional; returned to college with 24/7 pain and nausea (hardest thing I have ever done).


Naturopathic tea + gammaCore + CGRP mAb + gepants = immense improvement. Finished college degree; Able to play sports, travel, and hold a full-time job


Pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience to study migraine; working full-time; in a relationship; able to travel by myself; walking off almost all medications; helping others who are living with migraine

Doctor after doctor told me that I was a difficult case, one that they didn’t expect to improve.

So if you’re struggling right now, if your doctor has told you that you are a difficult case, or if you still haven’t found a treatment that works for you, I encourage you to try to keep your hope.

The only constant in life is change so if you don’t like where you are keep going.

With all my hope,

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