Preventative Therapies For Migraine

If you’re looking for a new preventative, but you aren’t sure where to start here is a quick summary of the most critical information for you to consider. Please always consult with your treating medical professional. INDEX Who needs a preventative? Where to start How to tell if a preventative is working Are drugs yourContinue reading “Preventative Therapies For Migraine”


A migraine attack can be divided into four phases: the premonitory phase (before head pain), the aura phase (immediately before or during head pain), the head pain phase, and the postdrome phase (after the head pain subsides). While this is a general outline of a migraine attack, there is immense variability as phases of anContinue reading “PHASES OF A MIGRAINE ATTACK”


Migraine is a complex neurobiological disease. Although head pain is the most common symptom, symptoms can range from nausea and light sensitivity, to paralysis and vision loss. Migraine is a primary headache disorder, which means that it is not caused by another condition (1). What causes migraine? Well, we don’t know. A long-standing theory wasContinue reading “WHAT IS MIGRAINE?”

Types of Migraine

Have you ever met someone who also has migraine, but when you start to compare notes on your experiences it feels like you have completely different diseases? It has happened to me more times than I can count. Migraine is an extremely complex, diverse disease. The sheer number of symptoms that patients can experience isContinue reading “Types of Migraine”

News: Hope for Migraine Patients Who Are Unable to Work

It’s 2019 and migraine is finally being recognized by the SSA. Two days ago, the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) published its ruling on evaluating cases involving primary headache disorders. This is the first time in U.S. history that migraine will have a standard disability listing in the SSA Blue Book. Previously, receiving socialContinue reading “News: Hope for Migraine Patients Who Are Unable to Work”

News: Migraine Awareness in Brazil

Migraine awareness is rising in Brazil! An article published on the first of August (2019) stated that even though migraine and other headache disorders are very common and debilitating, health surveys in Brazil have never included them! Using data from the 2013 Brazilian National Health Survey (PNS) and estimates from the Brazilian Headache Epidemiology StudyContinue reading “News: Migraine Awareness in Brazil”

News: FDA Approves Promising Migraine Prevention Drug

18 May, 2018 Yesterday, the FDA announced that it has approved a new medicine designed to prevent migraines. The drug, Aimovig (erenumab), made jointly by Amgen and Novartis is finally headed to the market. Aimovig is a monthly injection and, according to the New York Times, is expected to coast about $6,900 per year. TheContinue reading “News: FDA Approves Promising Migraine Prevention Drug”