Time to Accept the Truth – Migraine is NOT a Headache

New article published on the Patients Rising Website! MIGRAINE IS NOT A HEADACHE Head pain is a common feature of a migraine attack, but pain is never the sole symptom nor is it required. Unfortunately, many medical professionals perceive migraine as something patients can “learn to live with it” or “stop overreacting” to. Meanwhile, theContinue reading “Time to Accept the Truth – Migraine is NOT a Headache”

Step Therapy is a Damaging Insurance Practice

“California has one of the weakest laws in place to protect patients against the onerous and potentially dangerous practice of step therapy”, according to a new study published by the Global Healthy Living Foundation. Step therapy, also known as a fail-first requirement, can be a profit-generating treatment protocol enforced by health insurance companies under which patients mustContinue reading “Step Therapy is a Damaging Insurance Practice”