What Magnesium Supplement Is Best for Migraine?

According to multiple studies, magnesium is a great option for migraine prophylaxis. The most substantial evidence for magnesium’s effectiveness is in patients who experience migraine with aura or menstrual-related migraine. This coincides with mounting evidence that people with migraine have low levels of magnesium in their brain and spinal fluid between attacks.  Note that notContinue reading “What Magnesium Supplement Is Best for Migraine?”

Menstrual Migraine: 5 Treatment Approaches and the Current Science

In 2021 Dr. Lars Edvinsson’s team published a beautiful review on the hormonal influences in migraine, which informs our understanding of menstrual migraine (1). First, I will present the treatment implications and steps you can take to potentially improve your migraine care today. Second, I will present the science for those of you who areContinue reading “Menstrual Migraine: 5 Treatment Approaches and the Current Science”

Should you try marijuana/cannabis for migraine?

Key points from a Miles for Migraine Education Event presentation by Michael J Marmura, MD  How does cannabis work?  We have receptors called cannabinoid receptors: CB1 (in brain) and 2 (outside the – activated by cannabinoids which  1. modulate the release of NTs  2. Regulate homeostasis all over the body  3 Types of Cannabinoids  EndocannabinoidsContinue reading “Should you try marijuana/cannabis for migraine?”

Preventative Therapies For Migraine

If you’re looking for a new preventative, but you aren’t sure where to start here is a quick summary of the most critical information for you to consider. Please always consult with your treating medical professional. INDEX Who needs a preventative? Where to start How to tell if a preventative is working Are drugs yourContinue reading “Preventative Therapies For Migraine”

gammaCore – Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulator

What is gammaCore? gammaCore is a non-drug treatment that provides non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation to help block the pain signals that cause migraine and cluster attacks. It has been cleared for adults living with migraine and cluster disease.  How does gammaCore work? gammaCore provides gentle electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve branches located on eitherContinue reading “gammaCore – Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulator”

Seeing a Doctor of Oriental Medicine – Significant Symptom Improvements

I didn’t believe that Oriental Medicine (herbs) would have any impact on my daily pain. However, after drinking herbal tea three times per day for three months, I noticed drastic improvements in my symptom levels. My average daily pain dropped from a debilitating 7/10 to a manageable 5/10, and the only change in my lifeContinue reading “Seeing a Doctor of Oriental Medicine – Significant Symptom Improvements”

CGRP Treatment Options -Preventative and Acute

In 2018 the first migraine-specific preventative medications, CGRP monoclonal antibodies, entered the market. Before 2018 migraine sufferers were put on a wide variety of drugs including anti-depressants, Alzheimer’s medications, and anti-epileptic drugs. The ability of these drugs to reduce migraine attacks was an unintended side effect and had nothing to do with the original functionContinue reading “CGRP Treatment Options -Preventative and Acute”

Aimovig – How YOU Can Get It

Ok, now that the FDA has officially approved Aimovig (What is it? See more details here) the question becomes, ‘How can I get Aimovig?’ It’s a good question and one that lots of eager migraine patients are asking. First, Aimovig requires a prescription from your treating physician. Second, you and your doctor need to fillContinue reading “Aimovig – How YOU Can Get It”