CGRP Treatment Options -Preventative and Acute

In 2018 the first migraine-specific preventative medications, CGRP monoclonal antibodies, entered the market. Before 2018 migraine sufferers were put on a wide variety of drugs including anti-depressants, Alzheimer’s medications, and anti-epileptic drugs. The ability of these drugs to reduce migraine attacks was an unintended side effect and had nothing to do with the original functionContinue reading “CGRP Treatment Options -Preventative and Acute”

Aimovig – How YOU Can Get It

Ok, now that the FDA has officially approved Aimovig (What is it? See more details here) the question becomes, ‘How can I get Aimovig?’ It’s a good question and one that lots of eager migraine patients are asking. First, Aimovig requires a prescription from your treating physician. Second, you and your doctor need to fillContinue reading “Aimovig – How YOU Can Get It”