Should you try marijuana/cannabis for migraine?

Key points from a Miles for Migraine Education Event presentation by Michael J Marmura, MD  How does cannabis work?  We have receptors called cannabinoid receptors: CB1 (in brain) and 2 (outside the – activated by cannabinoids which  1. modulate the release of NTs  2. Regulate homeostasis all over the body  3 Types of Cannabinoids  EndocannabinoidsContinue reading “Should you try marijuana/cannabis for migraine?”

Seeing a Doctor of Oriental Medicine – Significant Symptom Improvements

I didn’t believe that Oriental Medicine (herbs) would have any impact on my daily pain. However, after drinking herbal tea three times per day for three months, I noticed drastic improvements in my symptom levels. My average daily pain dropped from a debilitating 7/10 to a manageable 5/10, and the only change in my lifeContinue reading “Seeing a Doctor of Oriental Medicine – Significant Symptom Improvements”