The Chronic Connection Podcast

You should listen if you…

  • Are a woman living with chronic illness
  • Want to learn how to live well with health challenges
  • Are looking for inspiration in life with chronic illness
  • Need a community that understands your experience with chronic illness
  • Want to hear science-based tools and tips to help you heal
  • Enjoy connecting with other women who are managing health challenges

Why is The Chronic Connection Podcast Unique?

The Chronic Connection Podcast is the ONLY podcast out of 2 million shows that is solely dedicated to empowering, inspiring and connecting women living with chronic illness.

Other podcasts try to spread awareness... TCCP spreads awareness AND gives actionable steps so YOU can help dismantle the misconceptions around chronic illness.

Other podcasts sometimes offer tips and tricks… TCCP provides tools, tips and suggestions in every single episode AND pairs these recommendations with personal insights

Other podcasts try to build community…TCCP is the only podcast community solely dedicated to empowering women living with chronic illness

Other podcasts work to educate… TCCP offers scientific evidence to back up claims, question treatment options and challenge the status quo.

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Ashley Bravin, Disabled Artist and Advocate, On Using Art to Showcase the Realities of Chronic Illness The Chronic Connection Podcast: Helping Women Live Well with Chronic Illness

  1. Ashley Bravin, Disabled Artist and Advocate, On Using Art to Showcase the Realities of Chronic Illness
  2. Chronic Illness Mindset Coach, Nat Kelly, on How to Build Mental Resilience and Confidence
  3. Roop B. on The Truth Behind Living With Stage 4 Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis
  4. Allison Martinez, @ChronicAlli_, on Braving the Rollercoaster of Fibromyalgia and Depression
  5. Christie Giffith on Balancing Life and Facing Fear with Chiari Malformation, an Untamed Brain
  6. Shani Thornton, Certified Child Life Specialist: How to Talk to Kids About Trauma, Loss and Illness

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